How To Choose The Best iPhone Gimbal

How To Choose The Best Iphone Gimbal For Your Needs

If you’re reading this, you have probably already realized that you can get MUCH better footage with your phone if you just use a gimbal, but you’re not sure exactly which one to get.

Whether you’re looking to get a straightforward review across the board or are looking based on price, this post is for you!

I do not own every iPhone gimbal, so I spent some time searching the web for what I thought were the best possible guides that you could be watching. I hope this helps!

The Best Gimbal for your iPhone

This first video compares the DJI Osmo 2, The Freefly Move, & The Zhiyun Smooth Q which are where most people begin their search for a Gimbal.

Cheap & Affordable Gimbal’s for your iPhone

If price is your main focus, you will want to watch the video below. Although many of the gimbals available for the iPhone are similar in price, sometimes it is the small features that can win you over!

What about Gimbal’s for Android phones?

Ahh I thought you would ask earlier.

The good news about Gimbal’s is that most function by weight, not the type of phone you have. Functionality will be the same but many Android phones are heavy. Be sure to check that the Gimbal you are thinking of buying can support your phone!

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