Adobe is making mobile video editing easier through “project rush”

If you’re looking to add some Adobe Premiere Shortcuts to your arsenal, you’ll be happy about this news…

As mobile shooting continues to advance, there are many updates happening everyday that are changing the way we shoot videos on our phone.

What happened?:

Adobe Announced that they’ll be releasing a video editor called project rush, this will be an app that helps people take their editing from their desktop to a more mobile experience.

Why you should care:

This matters because iPhone editing continues to evolve and come with more and more useful features. Through these useful features, the amount that you are able to do using just your phone is increasing quickly

Don’t ignore it!

You might not want to ignore this because this is a large part of a new wave of smartphone shooting. Adobe has been a major player in the creative space for years, this is just another extension of their position/dominance.

Click the link below to read more about adobes new app, project rush.

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– written by ‘rouk