Creating quality & consistent video content for your brand or business is hard without a “video person”

That is why I teach entrepreneurs, business owners & travelers how to shoot videos using their smartphone

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It’s 2018. If you are Not Creating video content you might be setting yourself up for…
  • Missing memories

    We are all interested in capturing the experiences we have. Without capturing good video content during these moments, we miss a huge opportunity to create memories that live on.

  • Falling behind your competition

    For your brand or business, it can be painful to watch your competition create quality and effective video content while you sit back and watch.

  • Having your content skipped over entirely

    If you work hard on creating content, the last thing you want is for people to skip over it because it is not well done.

Don’t let these things happen to you

I want to help you avoid all of that…

Start learning to make quality videos using just your phone on Shoot With Your Smartphone today, it’s free.

After taking the free 5-day mini-course, you’ll be comfortable pulling out your phone to shoot and edit a video that suits your needs, whatever those needs are.

Eventually, I hope everyone feels that they too can make quality video content. Putting the power of video into more people’s hands is a big part of the mission.

Breaking down this barrier to creating video content will only get us better stories from people who might not be able to tell them now due to not being able to afford the equipment.

The point of this website is simple

After sharing a few videos that I shot using just my iphone, my friends, family and even people in public would ask tons of questions about my shooting setup and how I was getting such useful footage using just my iphone (even though I edited them using Final Cut).

After a while, it felt like so many people had a genuine interest in learning how to shoot with their smartphones that I thought some sort of quick “hub” of information I could point people to would be helpful and easy for me to make.

The idea for this website slowly evolved into more than just a “hub” of information. Today I imagine SWYS becoming more of a community of people who believe in the power of smartphone shooting.

People who believe in smartphone shooting are out there if you search, but there is no reason why we can’t be brought together to show people the potential they have right in their pocket.

What you can expect

On this website, I’ll be giving you smartphone shooting tips & teaching you how to create good videos using your phone.

I’ll also be looking to connect with and feature videos of people who are getting great footage using their smartphone and some of my favorite tools that you’ll learn about soon.

I’ll basically share anything that can help you see that the barrier to making high-quality video content is almost non-existent in 2018.

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